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Fillets & Steaks

Our farm butchery has 15 years experience working with Speciality meats to produce the finest fillets and steaks.

Kangaroo Fillet

One of the healthiest meats available, low in fat, cholesterol and calories (150g).




Price: £3.95

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Premier Ostrich Fillet Steaks

Premier Ostrich Fillets, individually vacuum packed for freshness, 120g, 150g, 180g, 200g and 220g.

New Season Ostrich Meat.

Price: from £5.40

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Whole Venison Fillet

Venison at its best. An extremely tender whole fillet hand trimmed by our master butchers (300g).

Price: £14.95

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Venison Fillets

Well established game meat, very popular for its full flavour. Available in 120g, 155g and 200g

Price: from £5.95

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Venison Steaks

If you enjoy natural game meat our Venison steaks are full of flavour, supplied individually vacuum packed in 100g, 150g and 180g portions.

Price: from £2.50

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Wagyu Steak

The meat is a delicacy renowned for its flavour and well marbled texture

Price: from £5.60

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Wild Boar Fillet

Wild Boar has a nutty, sweet flavour. Can be prepared like pork but has a more natural taste and is lower in fat.

Individual fillet sizes: 125g, 150g and 180g.

This months Special Offer.

Price: from £3.00

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High Protein Steak Pack - "Meat your Ambition"

Bodybuilders and Steak Lovers Selection Pack. 8 x 200g Steaks includes; Kangaroo, Ostrich, Venison and Wild Boar.

Price: £48.00

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