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Diced & Stir-fry

Our diced steak is very lean and suitable for casseroles, and stews.

Tender strips of lean meat make up our very popular Stir-fry packs.

Crocodile Diced Steak

Delicious pieces of crocodile meat cut into chunks (300g).



Price: £5.70

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Kangaroo Diced Steak

Extra lean diced steak suitable for exotic game pies, casseroles and stews (300g).

Price: £4.50

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Kangaroo Stir-Fry

Tender strips of Kangaroo Fillet, suitable for a healthy, low fat, quick and easy stir-fry (300g).

Price: £4.50

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Venison Diced Steak

Extra lean Venison Diced Steak suitable for Casseroles, Stews and Game Pies (300g).

Price: £3.70

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Zebra Diced Steak

A low fat alternative for curries and casseroles. 300g

Price: £3.60

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Wagyu Diced Steak

Exotic and full of flavour (300g).

Price: £5.95

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Wild Boar Diced Steak

Wild boar diced steak - such a fantastic alternative to pork, low in fat and full of flavour (300g). 

Price: £4.50

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