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Wild Boar Meat

Wild Boar, our tasty choice.

Wild Boar has a nutty, sweet flavour. Can be prepare like Pork but as a more natural flavour and is lower in fat.

Nutty and sweet.

Wild Boar Mince

A tasty treat for all occasions try in a Ragout, Bolognese, etc. (250g).

Price: £3.50

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Wild Boar and Apple Burgers

A very tasty 1/4lb burger with a fresh fruity flavour.

Available in packs of 4 and 25.

from £6.95

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Wild Boar Sausages

6 great tasting wild boar sausages, packed in a tray and sealed for freshness.

Price: £4.50

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Wild Boar Meatballs

Price: £5.95

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